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The Biggest Mistake In Exfoliating

What is the biggest mistake when it comes to exfoliating your skin?

The answer… too much pressure.

Yes, we know you want to get rid of those large pores, those nasty blackheads, and you want to scrub your skin into a glow worthy of sunglasses. But if you apply the force of a pressure washer to the surface of your skin, you’ll be doing more harm than good.

Scrubs are a wonderful way to sweep clean the surface of your skin. But more pressure will only cause irritation, broken capillaries and dryness.

The best way to use granular scrubs is to gently rub in a circular motion. This will safely and effectively remove the dead skin cells, stimulate blood flow, diminish fine lines and wrinkles and give you that beautiful, youthful glow.

Remember these tips:

• Thinner skin should be gently exfoliated once per week.
• Thicker skin can be exfoliated two to three times per week. But just because it’s thicker doe NOT mean rub it harder!
• Acneic skin should use a gel-based exfoliant. These leave skin smooth and soft without aggravating the infection.

Follow our advice and you will soon have beautiful, smooth skin.

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Should You Get A Base Tan Before Going To The Beach?

Should You Get A Base Tan Before Going To The Beach?

Should You Get A Base Tan
Before Going To The Beach?

We’re known worldwide as the “sunburnt” country, and it’s no wonder. Australia has the highest melanoma rate in the world.

That’s why so many people think that getting a base tan from a solarium is a good thing.

It isn’t.

The Skin Cancer Foundation states that, “indoor ultraviolet (UV) tanners are 74% more likely to develop melanoma than those who have never tanned indoors.” (www.skincancer.org)

Tanning beds are so bad that New South Wales and Brazil have banned them. The UK, Germany, Scotland, France, and several other states in Canada have banned them for people younger than 18.

The truth is a tan is an injury to the skin. Repeated tanning sets you up for skin cancer and premature aging.

Why chance it?

Opt for a spray tan instead. You can get a nice even tan in just minutes—and it lasts for a week!

You have no worries of melanoma, premature wrinkling, or developing any of the other many cancers associated with tanning.

Then when you’re in the sun, use plenty of sunscreen and wear a hat.

Don’t forget to use your antioxidant serum for double the protection!

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The Solution To Oily Skin

It’s the end of the day. You look in the mirror and you see a shiny face staring back at you. Your T-zone is so oily that you pull out your compact to quickly powder your face.

A lot of women suffer from the same recurrence day after day.

We hear you! You want relief and you want it yesterday. By now you know the oily skin basics.

  • Use skin care products designed for your oily skin
  • Don’t over dry your skin. You’ll just create more oil
  • Make sure everything you use is oil-free

But when these steps aren’t enough, it’s time to add more punch to your skin care.

Add a water-based serum that also contains hyaluronic acid, or HA, a naturally occurring substance in your body. HA attracts 1000% more water than its weight. That’s good news for your oily skin because water is what it’s missing. Continued use of HA reduces oil.

Exfoliate. Nothing good happens when pores are clogged. Your skin feels dry and rough, which makes your oil glands work even harder to try and lubricate your skin.

That’s why exfoliation is so important. At home, choose a clay mask to stimulate circulation and draw out impurities. You can also use an enzyme mask with papaya, bromelain, or pumpkin. All are excellent exfoliants.

Professional Fruit Acid Peel. An alpha hydroxy or beta hydroxy acid treatment will clear clogged pores, minimize size and allow much better penetration of your skin care products.

Are you sensing a theme here? Exfoliation is the key to unclogging your pores, refining your skin, and allowing products to work more efficiently.

The next time you look in the mirror, the results will be reflected beautifully on your face!

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Are You Ready To Get The Red Out?

You know the symptoms:

  • Enlarged visible blood vessels
  • Visible broken capillaries
  • Raised red bumps, or acne lesions
  • Dry skin that itches and flakes
  • Flushing

Rosacea, in all its aggravating forms, can cause a woman to feel unattractive and embarrassed by unexpected flare ups.

We’re glad to say you don’t have to put up with flushing, broken capillaries or enlarged blood vessels any more! Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, has changed all that.

An IPL beam hits the offending capillaries and blood vessels and shuts them down.

Kaput! No more permanently red skin. Ever. Plus, flushing is dramatically reduced. The results are truly remarkable!

Better yet, the IPL beam affects only the damaged vessels and does not injure surrounding healthy skin.

And the side benefits of this extraordinary treatment? Firmer skin, more even skin tone, brown spots fade, and sun damaged skin takes on a healthy glow.

It’s just that many more reasons to love the woman in the mirror. Ready?

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Wash Your Face Twice

Wash Your Face Twice

Wash Your Face Twice

Have you noticed your aesthetician cleanses your skin twice when you get a facial?

No, this is not a special method for skin care. However, it is an excellent practice for getting and keeping good skin.

This is especially true at night. Your skin works during the day by turning over new skin. Then you’ve got make-up, pollution and all the stuff floating around in the air at your work place and your home!

And, if you don’t wear make-up at all, that means you have nothing protecting the skin, so more dirt and debris collect like dust on your face!

That’s why cleansing twice is nice. The first wash is called a pre-cleanse, removing the daily build up of dirt, oil, make-up, etc. You’ll notice not a lot of suds form.

The second wash deep cleanses the skin, thoroughly cleaning your pores.

A two-step cleanse morning and evening is an excellent habit to develop. It helps remove excess oils, dirt and debris that your skin is exposed to overnight.

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