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“Why Should I Take Care Of My Skin?”

We admit it.

This question leaves us speechless. Skin is the largest organ of your body. And by far, it is the LEAST appreciated, which baffles us.

Much like an expensive automobile, your skin comes with all the bells and whistles to make your life easier.

It protects you from the elements, regulates temperature, and acts as a filter, to name just a few of its jobs.

But without regular care and maintenance, even the most luxurious automobile will wear out before its time and look older than its actual years.

Your skin is no different. If it isn’t properly cleansed and exfoliated, it will build up bacteria, sweat, oil and dirt. When that happens, your skin becomes a magnet for microbes, yeast and other flora, which try to eat the debris.

Say hello to blackheads, pustules, deep lines and wrinkles, and even skin cancer.

Healthy skin can fight the signs of aging easier, heal much faster, and stave off potential disease better than unhealthy skin. And, of course, it looks younger and healthier because it is!

You don’t have to spend hours and hours on your skin to help it do its job better, either. Simply wash your skin with the cleanser that’s right for your skin type, exfoliating it once or twice a week, and moisturizing it, will do the job.

Add sunscreen to further protect it from the sun’s damaging rays.

But the best reason of all? You’re worth it!

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Do You Want To Be Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Do You Want To Be Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Do You Want To Be Rid Of Stretch Marks?

Who doesn’t want to be rid of stretch marks? They can make you feel self-conscious and unattractive!

Certainly, remedies abound for this side effect of pregnancy and rapid weight loss, but can you actually get rid of them?

While stretch marks are indeed difficult to erase, you most certainly can greatly reduce their appearance to almost nothing. And yes, while this is good news, the really great news is this:

A non-invasive, incredibly safe, Nobel Prize winning therapy leads the field in vastly reducing the appearance of unsightly stretch marks.

LED technology is an acclaimed and documented therapy. In 1903, Dr. Niels Finsen, won a Nobel Prize for his work with LED and tuberculosis.

Researchers at NASA later discovered its skin rejuvenation benefits through plant experiments. Research showed LED sped up the healing of injuries from astronauts in outer space.

And now you get to benefit from this natural and safe therapy, too! Here’s how it works.

– LED uses low intensity light emitting diodes (LED) to reach the deep layers of your skin.

– LED accelerates skin repair by promoting the production of collagen

– LED pulls collagen to the surface to fill in lines and wrinkles (laser can’t do that!)

Even though LED technology is 3X brighter than the sun, it does NOT burn the skin. Instead, it works on a cellular level to repair the damage. Your old stretch marks, once silvery, return to their healthy color, looking much like the surrounding skin.

Strong enough to repair damaged tissues, but not to harm them in any way, LED gives you complete peace of mind and no visible stretch marks!

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When Your Shoulders Feel “Pinched”

When Your Shoulders Feel “Pinched”

When Your Shoulders Feel “Pinched”

It happens.

When the stress of life gets in the way, your shoulders feel pinched and tight. Even your upper back will join the chorus of a body pushed too far. These high stress areas love to make their presence known.

Hot compresses help, but when your body is shouting at you like this, it’s time to call in some deep relief. With a pink Himalayan Salt Massage, you can do exactly that and more.

Matured for over 250 million years and preserved under intense tectonic pressure, Himalayan salt has had zero exposure to toxins and impurities. Its minerals exist in a colloidal form, which means they are tiny enough for your cells to easily absorb.

Used warm or cold, these hand carved healing salt stones relieve tissue congestion and irritation. They ground and balance your body’s electromagnetic field and your nervous system. That’s why you become deeply relaxed and healing can take place.

For your neck, shoulder and upper back, we use the smooth edge of the stone. This penetrates deeply and comfortably, loosening tight joints and muscles. The result?

You sleep better, reduce blood pressure, and detoxify your body. The even better news is that the benefits extend further:

• Strengthen your immune system
• Reinforce collagen
• Improve metabolism
• Heal sports injuries
• Neutralize pollutants
• Helps you recover from Adrenal Fatigue
• Calms hot flashes

There are so many good health reasons to make a pink Himalayan Salt Massage a regular part of health regimen, but here’s the best reason of all.

You’re worth it!

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Getting Rid Of Freckles

Getting Rid Of Freckles

Getting Rid Of Freckles

Freckles can occur naturally or develop as a result of sun exposure. They aren’t harmful to the skin, but some people prefer to lighten or remove them for a more even complexion.

There are several ways to overcome your freckles. We have listed several methods you can use.

1. Natural Lightening
Lemon juice, a natural bleaching agent, can be used to make freckles look lighter and disappear. You can also apply a milk-based mask to your face and let it soak into your skin. The lactic acid in milk peels away the top layer of skin, making freckles lighter in appearance. And another way is making a fruit peel. Mixing fruits together and letting them dry on your skin is a natural way to peel away the top layer of skin, lightening the appearance of your freckles.

2. Freckle Removal Treatments
There are various treatments that can help lighten and remove those unwanted freckles. Skin lightening crèmes may be effective for resolving natural and sun-related freckles. Microdermabrasion uses a stream of tiny particles to remove the outer layer of skin, lightening natural freckles or those caused by moderate sun damage. Chemical peels is also an effective treatment that reduces the appearance of freckles by peeling away the top layer of skin. Lasers can also be used to burn the blood vessels just underneath the freckles, reducing their appearance or removing them entirely.

3. Lifestyle Changes
Making some lifestyle changes can be a great follow up to the methods you’ve taken for lessening your freckles. While there are people born with freckles, others develop them over time as a result of sun exposure. So use sunscreen, a lot of it. Make sure you cover your face every couple of hours while you’re out in the sun, and more often if you’re going swimming. Wear a hat and other protective clothing as well.

What you eat also affects your skin. Vitamin C helps to lighten freckles, so make sure you’re getting plenty of it in your daily diet. Citrus fruits, kiwis, spinach, and other leafy greens are all excellent sources of vitamin C.

4. Makeup Solutions
Mineral makeup can help conceal and blend freckles with your natural skin tone. Consult with professional to determine which foundation color works best for your particular complexion.

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