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How To Get Glowing Skin

It happens to all of us. You get caught up in all the responsibilities of life and neglect your skin. Suddenly you notice it looks dull and your make-up “grabs.” That means adding more primer and more make-up to even it out.

Not fun.

Time to get back on track! Here are a few tips that will take you from dull to glow in no time.

Exfoliate regularly. We can’t stress this enough. It’s the most overlooked anti-aging strategy ever. Exfoliating removes dull, flaky skin making it look younger, brighter and softer.

Stay hydrated. Skip the colas and grab water instead. Skin cells need water to stay healthy, so drink up! Experts recommend at least two liters each day.

Get some sleep. Whatever it is, it can wait until tomorrow. Your skin repairs and renews itself at night. Go for 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to keep under eye bags and dull skin from greeting you in the morning.

Get your omegas . However you do it, through softgels or eating oily fish like salmon, get omega fatty acids in your diet. These little wonders assist your cells in repair, reduce inflammation and help your skin retain moisture.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? And you’ll love the results!

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5 Reasons You Should Not Let Your BFF Wax Your Eyebrows!

5 Reasons You Should Not Let Your BFF Wax Your Eyebrows!

5 Reasons You Should Not Let Your BFF
Wax Your Eyebrows!

You may not think about it much, but eyebrows can make or break your entire look! You can have gorgeous eye make-up, but it’s completely ruined if your brows look like a hairy beast!

Of course, there is the other end of the spectrum, waxing brows too thin. Today’s style is a full, natural-looking brow. Extremely thin brows are a stark contrast and look very unnatural.

Because eyebrows are so important to your face and your overall look, it’s really important to have a trained professional wax them.

Here’s what we look at before we ever touch your brows:

1. The natural shape of your brow — It’s best not to work against nature. Instead, we follow her lead.

2. Your face shape-The shape of your face is equally important to gorgeous brows. The wrong brow shape can make your face look more narrow, wider, or just plain flat!

3. The arch of your brow — Many people put the arch in the wrong place and that works against your whole look. We have a tried-and-true technique that always puts the arch exactly where it belongs.

4. Stopping point — It’s important to know just where to end your brow. You don’t want it too long or it will make your eye area look droopy. If they are too short, brows will look weirdly rectangular.

5. Plucking — We keep this to a bare minimum. Over plucking will eventually create a thin brow and you don’t want that. Only pluck once every 3 weeks.

Waxing that enhances your whole look takes skill, training, and experience, and that’s what we do best!

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Why You Need More Than Sunscreen

Why You Need More Than Sunscreen

Why You Need More Than Sunscreen

We all know how important it is to wear sunscreen. Without it, damaging UVA and UVB rays penetrate your skin, wrinkling it like the proverbial prune!

But new research published by Nadim Shaath, PhD has uncovered startling evidence. UVA and UVB rays only account for SEVEN PERCENT of all solar energy!

Seven percent…

So what’s causing the real skin damage? Infrared radiation A (IRA) is the major culprit, contributing an astonishing 54% of damaging solar energy. IRA causes not only premature aging, it can actually be more damaging than UV rays!


Infrared rays produce free radicals that steal electrons from healthy cells, and that means damage with a capital D!

– Inflammation
– Pigmentation
– Even DNA damage

For complete sunscreen coverage talk to us about pairing an antioxidant serum with a moisturizing sunscreen. Enjoy the sun, but keep your skin beautiful!

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Beautiful Skin In One Treatment

Beautiful Skin In One Treatment

Beautiful Skin In One Treatment

The summer sun can really deplete your skin of vitamins, minerals, water and oxygen. That’s why it can look dry and dull. And there’s no room for that ever!

When your skin can’t get enough oxygen:

  • Pores enlarge so they can breathe
  • Skin breaks out to flush out toxins
  • Collagen and elastin break down causing wrinkles
  • Broken capillaries occur

As we get older, the ability to absorb oxygen lessens. Dehydration gets worse, skin gets rougher, flakier and those dreaded fine lines and wrinkles begin.

Why not take a cue from celebrities like Sandra Sully? She opts for a Hydra Facial to plump up her skin and infuse it with oxygen, vitamins, minerals, and water—just what your skin needs.

Unlike other “advanced” treatments, a Hydra Facial does not hurt and it does not have any side effects.

Enjoy a youthful glow every day and know that in the 24-48 hours following your Hydra Facial, your skin will actually look even better!

That will keep the neighbors guessing.

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