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Why Risk It?

Why Risk It?

Why Risk It?

We’re sure she didn’t mean to get that lobster look. She was probably having fun and forgot to re-apply.

Oh dear…she’s going to pay for that mistake for years to come. We love the sun, too, but let’s face it. Too much of a sun thing is dangerous.

Why risk it? Get your spray tan with us today. You won’t have to worry about nasty chemicals that make your skin look weathered and old (a lot like the sun!).

St Tropez is an all natural spray tan that actually gives you a healthy even tan without the misery of a Mr. Crispy look.

And you never have to worry about your tan turning orange. That was so 1972. We guarantee it!

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What Are Accordion Lines?

Have you noticed those little lines on your lower cheek when you look in the mirror?

They are called Accordion Lines.

They are static wrinkles that are present on the outer sides of your mouth even when you’re not smiling.

As we age, facial changes occur. And unfortunately, wrinkles appear over time. These “not so charming” dimples on this part of the face are the result of repeated muscle movements that form our facial expressions, especially when we smile.

Furthermore, when there is a decrease in naturally occurring sugars and fat in the same area, it results to a loss of volume, making the lines more visible.

Gravity, sun damage and other environmental and genetic factors can also play a part.

Restoring the naturally occurring sugars that help create volume under the skin can diminish the appearance of these pesky accordion lines.

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How To Get The Big Lash Look Without Lash Extensions

How To Get The Big Lash Look Without Lash Extensions

How To Get The Big Lash Look
Without Lash Extensions

Want that big lash look without the time and expense of lash extensions?

Then say hello to the go-to alternative that doesn’t require lots of special care or frequent appointments for touch ups.

LVL, which stands for length, volume and lift, is the latest technology in eyelash treatments that is virtually damage free. Light years ahead of lash perming LVL doesn’t curl your lashes. Instead, it creates a wide-eyed younger look and makes your eye color pop!

Here’s how.

Using an innovative new silicone shield, the system lifts the lashes away from the roots. The result is longer looking lashes and wide sparkly eyes. Your lashes appear longer, more voluptuous and ultimately, more glamorous, which makes LVL perfect for weddings.

We love it because the look is natural and makes the most of what you have without lash extensions.

There is:

• NO adhesive
• NO extensions
• NO mascara (unless you want to add it)

We can also tint your lashes during your session for even more everyday convenience, if you like. Your first appointment takes about an hour with follow up sessions lasting between 30-45 minutes. The treatment lasts an incredible 2-3 months, depending on the quality of your lashes.

LVL Eyelash Conditioning Serum is the only maintenance you’ll need. It nourishes lashes by locking in moisture to keep them healthy. It’s also a great primer if you decide to use mascara.

Whatever the occasion or no occasion at all, get longer looking, sultry lashes without the expense and time commitment of lash extensions. Call for your appointment today!

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