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3 Simple Steps To Radiant Skin

It doesn’t take an enormous amount of time to have glowing skin. Here are a few easy steps you can take to help you achieve that.

Use The Right Skin Care Products. There are many different types of skin and knowing one from the other and what your skin type is, is the first step you need to take. By doing so, you’ll know exactly what products will work best with your skin. Choosing the wrong products for your skincare might even cause more damage. This is why a skin consult is so valuable.

Exfoliate And Mask. These are both terrific anti-aging steps! Exfoliation removes dirt and grime off your skin to keep you looking fresh and radiant. You can easily exfoliate in the shower and add masking once on the weekend. Done!

Wear sunscreen all year. Sunscreen is a MUST. To reduce existing sun damage and prevent further more against your skin, you have to wear sunscreen. Choose a high SPF, even if you aren’t going to be outdoors a lot or the day is overcast. There are moisturizers that already have a high quality SPF. We can help you choose one that’s perfect for your skin.

It really doesn’t take a lot of effort to get your skin glowing; it just takes good habits repeated again and again. If you stray, there’s no need to stress about it. Just get back on the right path tomorrow.

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Acne & Sugar

Acne & Sugar

Acne & Sugar

It’s hotly contested in the medical world. Is there a link between acne and diet? At least one prominent physician, Dr. Nicholas Perricone, MD, FACN, author of The Acne Prescription, is convinced of it.

Through years of study and clinical experience, he discovered that cellular inflammation is the cause of many diseases, including acne.

If you want to have clear, healthy skin, you simply cannot overlook the crucial relationship between the food you eat and how it affects your blood sugar levels.

That means avoiding junk food and sugar!

What helps his acne patients? “Believe it or not, I have seen dramatic improvement in patients’ acne just by increasing their water intake,” he says.

As your partner in healthy skin, we encourage you to choose anti-inflammatory foods that have good fats, including fish, especially salmon. Go for fresh fruits and vegetables, which also have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties.

Taking care of your body from the inside out will make your acne treatments much more responsive and your life healthier!

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Successfully Breaking The Cycle Of Pain Without MORE Pills!

Successfully Breaking The Cycle Of Pain Without MORE Pills!

Successfully Breaking The Cycle Of Pain Without MORE Pills!

When your body is experiencing chronic pain, you can easily become exhausted emotionally. At the same time, your body is putting up a physical fight of its own.

To counteract the pain, your lymph system, the body’s trashcan, creates excess inflammation and fluid. That puts pressure on blood vessels, causing muscles to tighten and shorten.

As the pressure increases, it irritates the nerves. No wonder you feel so much pain!

Massage helps your body remove excess fluid and inflammation, allowing the blood to flow the way your body intended.

With regular massage sessions, your nervous system, the main computer of your body, is actually re-programmed. And this breaks the old cycle of pain.

So what kind of massage is best for pain? Turn to the Swedish method. The National Institute of Health found that Swedish massage greatly increased the contentment hormone, oxytocin, much more than deep tissue massage.

In addition, massage supports your adrenal glands, those hardworking stress fighters. Already overworked from managing pain, massage helps the adrenal glands to decrease the stress hormone, cortisol.

That means you experience much less pain or no pain at all. Many of our regular chronic pain massage clients tell us they have actually reduced their pain medications because of massage.

Take back control of your health and let your body help you! Include massage as part of your pain relief therapy.

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