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Are Peptides Ready For Prime Time?

People all over the globe are singing the praises of peptides. While there are many kinds of these natural wonders, there are three that are used most successfully in cosmeceutical skin care formulations:

– Signal peptides: Encourages the production of collagen while decreasing the breakdown of existing collagen.
– Neurotransmitter peptides: Limits muscle contractions. Please note: Peptides do NOT deliver the same results as Botox. If it did, it would be classified as a drug.
– Carrier peptides: Stabilizes and delivers trace elements necessary for wound healing and enzymatic processes.

The challenge with peptides is their size. Fortunately, peptides are easily modified to improve their ability to work in skin care formulations. Only when the peptide product is absorbed through the skin and to the targeted area will it have the most potential of generating results.

Because the signs of aging include fine lines and wrinkles due to a breakdown of collagen and elastin, peptides’ abilities seem to be a perfect match for those seeking anti-aging skin care formulations.

Combining peptides with regular professional treatments such as facials, LED and IPL can help preserve the natural beauty of your skin.

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FAQ’s About LVL

FAQ’s About LVL

FAQ’s About LVL

1. What does LVL stand for? It stands for length, volume and lift.

2. What does LVL do? LVL represents the latest technology in lash enhancements. Using a silicon shield at the base of your lashes, LVL lifts even the straightest lashes for a big lash look.

3. Why does the initial appointment take longer than follow up appointments? We must choose a silicon shield for the shape of your eyelid. Once we know which silicon shield to use we can use that size on all subsequent appointments.

4. How is LVL different from lash perming? Lash perming is a harsh treatment that curls the lashes in much the same way rollers curl your hair. It can sometimes make your lashes appear shorter, as a result. LVL doesn’t use any adhesives, rollers, or extensions. The silicon shield lifts the lash from the root for a big lash look that also makes your eye color pop.

5. Is it painful to get LVL? Not at all! In fact, it’s very relaxing.

6. How long does it last? LVL treatments last between 2-3 months, depending on your lash quality.

7. What kind of maintenance is involved? Hardly any. We do recommend the LVL Eyelash Conditioning Serum. It nourishes lashes, coating and sealing in moisture for a shinier, healthier appearance. It’s also excellent as a primer before using mascara.

8. Can I still get lash extensions if I want to? Absolutely. Just wait 48 hours before doing so. For downward sloping lashes, LVL is recommended first because the extensions will further slope the lashes if you don’t.

9. Can I swim with LVL? Yes. There are no stipulations with LVL.

10. How does LVL work? Instead of forcing straight lashes to curl, it lifts them from the root of the lash. The straight lash now appears longer and fuller looking without any adhesives or extensions.

11. Can I get my LVL Lashes tinted? Yes, we can tint them during the same session as your LVL treatment. Tinting gives you much more freedom and convenience.

12. Are there any other eye types that especially benefit from LVL? Yes, hooded and mature eyes love this treatment. It makes the eye appear more alert and sparkly.

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Skin Care Excuse Hall Of Fame

Excuse #4: “I’ve Tried Absolutely Everything And Nothing Seems To Work”

Excuse #4: “I’ve Tried Absolutely Everything And Nothing Seems To Work”

Excuse #4: “I’ve Tried Absolutely Everything And Nothing Seems To Work”

This excuse is an interesting one for several reasons. Trying “everything” is a huge task and quite expensive!

There is so much on the market these days it’s difficult to try them all, but we get the point. You’re frustrated and tired of trying skin care products that don’t work, right?

So stop the madness!

Instead of going *to home parties and letting your hostess decide what’s best for you skin, get a professional skin analysis with a trained aesthetician. We’ve spent X number of hours learning about how skin functions. We even had to pass a state exam to practice our passion!

Hostesses for home parties don’t have that kind of training.

Forget cheap drugstore brands of skin care. These are loaded with filters that greatly reduce the minimal effectiveness of the brand. With this line of skin care you PAY for it.

Skin care from Oasis Health & Beauty Spa is an INVESTMENT. Why? Because it’s loaded with quality ingredients that are very active. Drugstore brands? Not so much.

There are no junk fillers, just pure, top-of-the-line ingredients that enhance your natural beauty. And just as important, our professional products last and last.

So take action. This time make it the right action, though. Get a skin analysis with us. Save money, look younger, and feel more comfortable in your skin.

We guarantee it!

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