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Tips To Fight Sagging Skin

Tips To Fight Sagging Skin

Tips To Fight Sagging Skin

As we age, we begin to notice parts of our skin that starts to droop a little. The more we grow old, the more it starts to sag.

Unfortunately, as gravity anchors us to Earth, it does to same to our skin.

With the medical advances in skincare, a solution to sagging skin can be achieved. The trick is to start early with prevention and don’t stop. EVER. But where do you begin?

– Your moisturizer. You need to find the right one for your skin type. If the crème is too heavy, it will clog pores. Get a skin analysis to determine which exact product to get for you.

– Active Treatments. Add a vitamin C serum or vitamin A (retinol), alpha or beta hydroxy acids (AHA or BHA) to your skincare routine. These products are usually applied at night and help your skin renew itself faster and to look firmer while you sleep.

– Corrective Facials. There is a reason why we always tell you to get a facial regularly. They work! You’ll look younger and your skin will look a lot healthier too.

– Intensive Treatments. Go for body wraps, dermabrasion peels and more to smooth out sagging skin, large pores and brown spots.

Follow these tips and you’ll feel confident and look beautiful every day of your life!

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Moisturizer For Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, moisturizer is the last thing you think you need.

Oily skin types are generally dehydrated, and that’s where the problem lies. If your skin is dehydrated, that makes you produce more oil. But what you actually need is water.

So yes, even with oily skin, you do need a moisturizer… for moisture.

And that is where oil-free moisturizers come in.

With all the advancement in medicine and skin care, there is a wide variety of products offered at drugstores and department stores. So which one is right for you?

Rather than spending a ton of money trying to find out, the best and first thing you should do is seek a professional.

You wouldn’t want to experiment on your face. Some of these products don’t have a lot of active ingredients to help balance your skin, and might cause more damage.

When we work with you, we carefully examine your skin, make recommendations and follow up on your progress. We want to be your partner in dealing with your oily skin and making you look beautiful!

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Keep Calm And Tan

Keep Calm And Tan

Keep Calm And Tan

Tanning on the beach can be quite stressful. You can hear the people next to you talk about changing the baby’s diapers, or kids shrieking while little brother pours sand down big sister’s two-piece. You can also smell the aroma of cigarette smoke wafting into your personal bubble.

For a calmer way to get that bronze glowing skin, opt for spray tanning.

Lying under the sun to get a tan is not good for your skin. So make the healthy, more sensible choice. We promise you won’t have any harsh chemicals to make your skin look leathery.

Our system is all natural. There are no parabens, preservatives, alcohols, perfumes, or oil.

It’s quick, easy and quiet with no cigarette smoke, stinky diapers or madcap kids.

And best of all? No risk of skin cancer.

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