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Four Steps For Overnight Skincare

After a long day, you’re totally exhausted, you want nothing more than to crawl under the covers of your soft, comfy bed and just sleep.

But before you nod off, please do these four quick and simple steps to take care of your skin.

First, wash your face using the correct cleanser for your skin type. This will get rid of the day’s make-up, pollution, and dirt, preventing breakouts, aging and stretched pores.

Next, add a Vitamin A product. Collagen production in your skin decreases as you age. Apply the product to help stimulate collagen.

Then, dot on an anti-aging eye crème. The eye area has the thinnest skin so you must protect it. Eye cremes have vitamins that repair skin and lighten dark circles.

And lastly, apply moisturizer and hit the hay! All done in under 5 minutes.

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Do Depilatories Really Work?

Do Depilatories Really Work?

Do Depilatories Really Work?

A cheap and quick fix, depilatories can get rid of unwanted hair. However, unlike waxing, depilatory crèmes only work well on finer hair, but not on coarse hair.

And you have to be wary when using this because removing hair may not be the only thing you get from them.

Depilatory crèmes are loaded with chemicals and melt keratin, which causes hair to dissolve.

But those chemicals don’t really remove hair as cleanly, so they grow back just as fast as you remove them. Normally, it takes three to four days, but sometimes it can come back in a day.

Plus, the chemicals you inhale can cause redness, rash, allergy or even burn your skin.

I know it sounds as if we don’t like depilatories. And yes, we admit, we really don’t. Not only can depilatories severely dry your skin, regular use can cause skin discoloration. And if you have sensitive skin, please think twice before using them as it could trigger an allergic reaction and give you more problems than just having unwanted hair.

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Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare Tips

Winter Skincare Tips

As the cold weather sets in, the air becomes dry, making your skin crack and starved for moisture. So what can you do to protect it? Here are some tips to keep your skin humidified during winter.

1. Extra dry skin can cause keratosis pilaris, a condition that resembles chicken skin. Make sure to use lotions with salicylic acid to exfoliate dead cells around your hair follicles and reduce the appearance of bumps.

2. When washing your hands, choose a moisturizing soap-free cleanser or a hydrating antibacterial gel, then slather on lotion right away.

3. Anything that traps moisture on your skin helps lotions and creams soak in. So slip on some cotton gloves over lotion to help moisturize parched hands.

4. To soften stubborn dry patches on rough elbows and knees, a simple mixture of honey and sugar applied topically can serve as a rich, hydrating scrub and increase circulation in your skin.

5. If your arms or legs look scaly, try a 12 percent lactic acid lotion. It will moisturize your skin and exfoliate those scales away.

6. For your arms, legs, and torso, use a rich bath oil or moisturizing body cleanser that leaves a creamy film on your skin.

7. Exfoliate lightly.

8. For roughed-up feet, before bed, gently buff away calluses with a hydrating scrub or pumice stone, and apply a thick, buttery moisturizer while feet are still damp.

9. A long, hot bath or shower might seem tempting when you’ve been out in the cold, but it will strip your skin of moisture. Keep showers to no more than 10 minutes, and not more than once a day.

10. The softer your sheets and sleepwear, the better, but you needn’t invest in silk. Avoid blends of cotton and synthetic fibers, which might be irritating.

Source: www.health.com/beauty

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