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FAQ’s About LVL

FAQ’s About LVL

1. What does LVL stand for? It stands for length, volume and lift.

2. What does LVL do? LVL represents the latest technology in lash enhancements. Using a silicon shield at the base of your lashes, LVL lifts even the straightest lashes for a big lash look.

3. Why does the initial appointment take longer than follow up appointments? We must choose a silicon shield for the shape of your eyelid. Once we know which silicon shield to use we can use that size on all subsequent appointments.

4. How is LVL different from lash perming? Lash perming is a harsh treatment that curls the lashes in much the same way rollers curl your hair. It can sometimes make your lashes appear shorter, as a result. LVL doesn’t use any adhesives, rollers, or extensions. The silicon shield lifts the lash from the root for a big lash look that also makes your eye color pop.

5. Is it painful to get LVL? Not at all! In fact, it’s very relaxing.

6. How long does it last? LVL treatments last between 2-3 months, depending on your lash quality.

7. What kind of maintenance is involved? Hardly any. We do recommend the LVL Eyelash Conditioning Serum. It nourishes lashes, coating and sealing in moisture for a shinier, healthier appearance. It’s also excellent as a primer before using mascara.

8. Can I still get lash extensions if I want to? Absolutely. Just wait 48 hours before doing so. For downward sloping lashes, LVL is recommended first because the extensions will further slope the lashes if you don’t.

9. Can I swim with LVL? Yes. There are no stipulations with LVL.

10. How does LVL work? Instead of forcing straight lashes to curl, it lifts them from the root of the lash. The straight lash now appears longer and fuller looking without any adhesives or extensions.

11. Can I get my LVL Lashes tinted? Yes, we can tint them during the same session as your LVL treatment. Tinting gives you much more freedom and convenience.

12. Are there any other eye types that especially benefit from LVL? Yes, hooded and mature eyes love this treatment. It makes the eye appear more alert and sparkly.

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