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How Do I Pick The Right Professional Eye Creme For Me? By Beauty Salon Great Missenden – Call Us On 01494 865005

The best way to pick the right eye cream is to ask yourself, “What do I want to achieve with it?” Do you want to minimize dark circles? Puffiness? Do you want to prevent future damage or fight the wrinkles you have?

You must also consider your skin type. If the skin beneath your eyes is oily, puffy or you are acne-prone, you will want a gel. A cream will just be too rich.

Although there are no hard and fast rules about eye cremes, it’s safe to say there are three basic types for you to consider:

Day cremes-These enhance the appearance of your eyes by de-puffing and reducing the dark circles.

Night Cremes-These help the skin repair and prevent damage while you are sleeping. Night cremes often contain retinol or AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids), which work best at night during the skin renewal process.

Standard Eye Creme-These are very emollient, providing needed moisture. They do not contain intense wrinkle fighting ingredients or de-puffing agents.

All eye cremes must provide some degree of moisture. They should be very mild since this area is so sensitive to irritation and contain no fragrance.

Just remember, any given brand can have at least two types of eye cremes and as many as six! That’s why it’s important to discuss with us your particular concerns and needs.

How Do I Pick The Right Professional Eye Creme For Me? – Call Us On 01494 865005