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How To Know If Your Nails Lack Moisture

How To Know If Your Nails Lack Moisture

You might not realize it, but those weak nails you’re always fretting over may have a moisture problem. Ruling out any serious medical condition, hardworking hands are often plagued by dry nails.

Sure signs that your nails need moisture are:

  • They break easily and seem brittle
  • Splitting or peeling of the nail
  • Nails curve inward at medium/long lengths

Nails need moisture to stay healthy and pliable. Everyday activities like handling paper, cleaning, using polish remover frequently, washing hands often, and working with chemicals can dry your nails and your hands.

Regular manicures are a tremendous help to keep nails in good health. Consider them part of your nail care plan. Buffing, trimming, and cleaning your nails promote good nail health.

Massaging the nail bed as well as your hands and arms stimulate skin and muscle, improving blood flow, and relieving aches and pains.

As part of your manicure service, we will recommend an effective nail strengthening product to fortify and strengthen your nails.

With regular manicures and the consistent use of a nail strengthener, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful difference in your hands and nails!

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