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How To Make Acne A Vanishing Act

How To Make Acne A Vanishing Act

Acne. You might as well say the word, “taxes,” it has the same effect on your psyche.

Acne can be a debilitating disease that damages your self-esteem and your looks. And like taxes, it can also destroy your bank account trying to get rid of it!

When you’re looking for ways to treat this infamous disease, you may think you need aggressive treatment, after all, acne is an aggressive disease.

Or, maybe you’ve already experienced high-octane treatments with previous therapies. If so, you know how rigorous they can be!

The plain fact is you’ve suffered enough. Why should your treatment possibly threaten your health (like Accutane) or, as with chemical peels, cause severe drying, flaking, and hiding out for days at a time?

We treat acne with LED (light emitting diodes) therapy, and we treat it very successfully. And believe it or not, you will actually look forward to your treatments because they are so relaxing.

For severe, chronic acne, we use the LED blue light because it kills the P. acnes bacteria, the bacterial cause of this debilitating disease. The acne bacteria absorb the light, which kills the bacteria.

Acne vanishes as a result.

The LED red light is a healing light and reduces the inflammation caused by acne. It also reduces scarring, oil and oil production. We may also use this color on your acne as well.

How would we use these two lights for you? Schedule a consult today and we’ll discuss your individual treatment plan for clear skin!

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