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When The Baby’s Fussy And You Are, Too

When The Baby’s Fussy And You Are, Too

When The Baby’s Fussy And You Are, Too

The baby’s been fussy…sleep is a precious commodity…and you’re tired.

Welcoming a new baby is a joyful and trying time. Both of you are adjusting to a new life and to each other! You’re also trying to get used to your body, one that feels weak and sore.

As certified pregnancy massage therapists, we love motherhood so much we took advanced training beyond the national massage certification to give you the most qualified and compassionate care possible.

That’s why we recommend post-natal massage. It helps ease the stresses that come from a new mother’s rapid transition from pregnancy to post-birth.

Post-natal massage improves circulation throughout your body, reducing post-partum swelling. And that aching back? It alleviates tension that comes from the body adjusting to a new set of daily tasks such as bending, lifting, and carrying a baby.

Post-natal massage also calms hormones, helps you regain lost energy, return the uterus to its original size, and help your body to return to its pre-pregnancy condition.

Massage helps to replace exhaustion with deep relaxation. Mother Nature’s helping hand also assists you with losing weight by giving new tone to your muscles, reducing cellulite, and alleviating neck and shoulder pain.

We can’t help with the middle of the night feedings, but we can certainly help you recuperate from childbirth and ease into motherhood with post-natal massage.

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