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If I Have Rosacea Is It Okay To Get A Facial? By Beauty Salon Great Missenden – Call Us On 01494 865005

If I Have Rosacea Is It Okay To Get A Facial? By Beauty Salon Great Missenden - Call Us On 01494 865005

If I Have Rosacea Is It Okay To Get A Facial?
By Beauty Salon Great Missenden
Call Us On 01494 865005

If I Have Rosacea Is It Okay To Get A Facial? By Beauty Salon Great Missenden – Call Us On 01494 865005

If you have rosacea, you already know how careful you have to be with any skincare products. So it’s no wonder rosacea sufferers shy away from facials.

Sadly, some professional treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion are simply too harsh for this delicate skin condition. Not so with facials!

Performed by a trained aesthetician, a facial will not aggravate or worsen the condition. Quite the opposite. Once your dermatologist has diagnosed rosacea and prescribed medication to help control symptoms, many recommend professional facials to further soothe irritation and calm redness.

And that’s exactly what a rosacea facial does. Every step is designed to cool, calm, protect and soothe. A direct benefit is a facial’s ability to rid your body of toxins, which helps your skin to function more efficiently, a real plus for calming such an unpredictable skin condition!

A rosacea facial will also enhance the effects of the skincare products you are already using. And did we mention how relaxing facials are? You have nothing to lose except irritation, redness, and inflammation.

Learn more about our rosacea facials. Talk to our aesthetician today.

If I Have Rosacea Is It Okay To Get A Facial? – Call Us On 01494 865005

How Intense Pulsed Light Gets Rid Of A Rudolph Face

How Intense Pulsed Light Gets Rid Of A Rudolph Face

How Intense Pulsed Light Gets Rid Of A Rudolph Face

Is there anything more maddening? The slightest bit of exertion, a weather change, or eating spicy foods can cause your skin to light up like Rudolph on Christmas Eve!

It’s embarrassing, down right aggravating and it’s called rosacea. We highly recommend facials to soothe, calm, cool and protect this fickle skin condition.

Rosacea facials are also excellent for strengthening capillaries, reducing redness, and to flush toxins from your system. This will help to lessen rosacea flare ups and keep your skin functioning more effectively.

And if you’re so over the flushing that is the hallmark of this mysterious disease, Intense Pulsed Light can greatly reduce or even eliminate It. Considered the gold standard for treating rosacea, Intense Pulsed Light removes the dilated capillaries and blood vessels that cause flushing.

That means you no longer have to explain the sudden deep redness to your cheeks. Heck, you don’t even have to think about it!

IPL and facials may not be able to solve the mystery of rosacea, but they can play a significant part in eliminating the obvious signs and discomfort. You’ll love what you don’t see in the mirror!

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10 FAQ’s About Rosacea and Intense Pulsed Light

1. How does IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) help my rosacea symptoms? Intense Pulsed light uses a specialized light that closes down the blood vessels and capillaries that cause flushing, dramatically reducing redness.

2. Will the IPL affect normal healthy skin? IPL does not have any affect on surrounding healthy skin. The light energy is absorbed by the dilated vessels and capillaries causing them to shut down.

3. How many treatments do I need? Generally 3-6 sessions are needed. Some tiny areas close during the first treatment. Larger areas as well as skin flushing decrease gradually over 5 weeks. This is a far gentler way to treat rosacea. It’s also the reason IPL has become the preferred method.

4. Why do I need more than one treatment? It’s impossible to equally cover and close all of the affected areas in just one treatment. That’s why sessions are scheduled approximately 5 weeks apart.

5. Is Intense Pulsed Light the same as laser? IPL was developed from laser technology. However, laser uses a solid beam of light. IPL uses hundreds of wavelengths, or colors, in each burst of light, not just one wavelength. Filters are used that can work in a similar manner to laser, but IPL is not a traditional laser treatment.

6. What is an IPL treatment like? They are very quick, simple, and relatively painless. You will wear protective eye shields. Then a gel will be placed on your skin. This is to increase your comfort and improve the effectiveness of the IPL treatment. During the treatment, you will feel a small snap as the flash touches your skin, but it’s tolerable. After the treatment, cold packs will be placed on your skin for comfort. Your face may look pink for an hour or so, but there will be no bruising.

7. How long do treatment sessions last? It all depends on the area to be treated. Generally, speaking 30-90 minutes.

8. Can I return to work? Yes. Your skin may still look a bit pink, but it will return to normal in a few hours.

9. What skincare products are best for rosacea clients? Avoid Retin A. This is too harsh for this skin type. Vitamin C serums are soothing and have anti-inflammatory properties that are extremely helpful. All skincare products must be calming and soothing. Many dermatologists recommend facials to further minimize the symptoms of rosacea. Talk to our aesthetician about your specific needs.

10. Will I ever need more than one round of treatments? Most likely, you will need a touch up treatment once a year to keep the rosacea to a minimum.

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Are You Ready To Get The Red Out?

You know the symptoms:

  • Enlarged visible blood vessels
  • Visible broken capillaries
  • Raised red bumps, or acne lesions
  • Dry skin that itches and flakes
  • Flushing

Rosacea, in all its aggravating forms, can cause a woman to feel unattractive and embarrassed by unexpected flare ups.

We’re glad to say you don’t have to put up with flushing, broken capillaries or enlarged blood vessels any more! Intense Pulsed Light, or IPL, has changed all that.

An IPL beam hits the offending capillaries and blood vessels and shuts them down.

Kaput! No more permanently red skin. Ever. Plus, flushing is dramatically reduced. The results are truly remarkable!

Better yet, the IPL beam affects only the damaged vessels and does not injure surrounding healthy skin.

And the side benefits of this extraordinary treatment? Firmer skin, more even skin tone, brown spots fade, and sun damaged skin takes on a healthy glow.

It’s just that many more reasons to love the woman in the mirror. Ready?

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Instant Redness Reducers By Beauty Salon Great Missenden – Call Us On 01494 865005

Instant Redness Reducers By Beauty Salon Great Missenden – Call Us On 01494 865005

Redness to the skin comes in many forms. Rosacea, acne, flushing, redness resulting from sun damage or general irritation are just some of the challenges women face.

What can you do to reduce redness? Here are a few tips:

Facials & Skin Care: Excessively dry skin causes the endings in your dermis to become vulnerable to irritants, exacerbating the problem.

Get facials specifically designed to reduce redness. Choose moisturizers with phospholipids (we can help you there) and hyaluronic acid. Both are excellent for plumping up the skin and calming down redness.
Hyaluronic acid can hold up to one thousand times its weight in water. Just think of what it can do for your skin!

Cancel Redness With Color: Use a concealer that has a yellow or green tint to cancel out the redness. Make sure your foundation has a yellow base to help further even out your skin tone for a flawless look.

Add Redness Reducing Foods & Spices: Cucumber, ginger, licorice root extract, rose extract, turmeric and white tea extract are all excellent for fighting redness and bolstering the skin’s resistance to irritation.

Include whole foods, especially leafy green vegetables and fish. Sugar is especially bad for spiking inflammation. So cut it back then cut it out!

Instant Redness Reducers – Call Us On 01494 865005