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Red Carpet Makeup Secret Revealed!

Red Carpet Makeup Secret Revealed!

Red Carpet Makeup Secret Revealed!

Celebrity makeup artists have a difficult task for red carpet movie stars. They have to keep their makeup in place all day and night—and it has to look flawless!

How do they do it?

Believe it or not, the secret is setting powder. This hardworking product is the reason celebrities look polished and beautiful, even under the harshest lights.

Setting powder works beautifully with concealer, too. It boosts its staying power, while enhancing the look of your foundation. Just make sure that the setting powder is the same shade as your natural skin tone.

Apply setting powder mainly to the center of your face, on the outer corners of your nose, and to your chin and cheeks.

Avoid the outer edges of your face because you want your natural radiance to shine through. You can apply a highlighting product to this area, if you want. It will help to pick up the radiance of your skin.

Setting powders create a natural-looking finish that keeps your makeup performing all day!

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