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The “Gimmick” That Shocked A Scientist! By Oasis Health & Beauty Spa – Call Us On 01494 865005

Don Verhulst, MD has studied and practiced the use of natural alternatives and the effects of nutrition for over 20 years. His philosophy is to provide nutritionally valuable, concentrated good foods for the skin and body.

When Dr. Don heard about Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy he was highly skeptical of its true abilities. As a scientist, he saw it as a nothing more than a ”gimmick.”

That is, until he tried it himself. In one 60-minute session he lost 2 ¼ inches on the various areas of his body and 1 inch on his abdomen. The doctor was floored!

That’s when he began to research the wrap’s ingredients. Here’s what he found:

• This highly unusual wrap provides the ability to feed your skin nutrients needed for natural skin renewal. (You look younger)

• It allows cell turnover to occur uninterrupted, enhancing and speeding up the process (You look younger and more toned)

• The ingredients keep toxins from entering your body while removing existing toxins (You feel more energetic)

• It targets fat cells of inflamed fatty tissue, breaking them down, decreasing inflammation and increasing detoxification (You slim down and feel healthier)

• You have less cellulite, less fine lines and wrinkles and less saggy skin (You love how you look)

Dr. Don had to admit that his tape measure “didn’t lie.” And yours won’t either! Enjoy renewed confidence in your contoured body as well as more energy with Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy.

The “Gimmick” That Shocked A Scientist! – Call Us On 01494 865005