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Callus Peel

Callus Peel

Ready for softer, smoother feet?

Calluses usually appear from the daily strains we put on our feet. This can mean any number of things including dry skin, large amounts of walking, the types of shoes we wear, etc. The callus treatments are so quick, easy, and even painless!

A callus peel is a revitalising foot treatment for people whose feet need that little bit of extra TLC. It removes hard, callused skin and adds moisture.

Callus Peel Treatment only £35 45min
Callus Peel with Pedicure and Polish of your choice £60 1hr 25min

The treatment has four stages:

First, a skin softener patch is applied to the areas which are affected the most from hard skin. These areas, for example, might include your heels or the sides of your toes.

Next, the feet are wrapped to hold the patch in place. After a few minutes, the patch and the wrapping are removed, exposing the newly softened skin. This is then scraped away gently and painlessly.

Once all the hard skin and calluses are removed, the rest of the skin is polished with a foot file.

Lastly, a moisturising treatment is applied to keep your feet feeling and looking amazing for as long as possible.