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What You Can Do About Stinky Feet

What You Can Do About Stinky Feet

Believe it or not, your feet can produce a whopping half-liter, that’s over 2 cups, of sweat in one day! And if your feet like to hold onto that sweat, you’ve got a serious problem.

There are many home remedies that help with stinky feet, but there’s one big remedy you simply can’t do at home. That’s a professional pedicure.

Our licensed pedicurist will start by soaking those hardworking feet in a whirlpool of water. A heavenly sensation, soaking not only relaxes you, it also helps to reduce the amount of odor your feet produce.

Then she will slough off the dead skin on your feet, including calluses. Removing this excess skin is important because if you let it build up, it’s just another place for sweat and odor to take up residence.

With all that old dead skin gone, newer, softer skin can move in, and there are no additional hiding places for odor.

Massaging your feet and legs feels divine, but it, too, serves a greater purpose.
Emotional stress can trigger the release of sweat, which causes your feet to smell. Massage, on the other hand, calms down your nervous system.

That’s why pedicures allow you to take an hour for yourself while reducing foot odor and improving your health!

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