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Why We Will Never, EVER Cut Your Cuticles!

Why We Will Never, EVER Cut Your Cuticles!

Have you ever heard of a nail salon cutting a person’s cuticles? Yes, sadly, it happens all too often.

The truth is you should never cut them! Why?

Cuticles have an extremely important function. They protect you from infection by preventing bacteria and fungus from getting into your body.

When cuticles are cut that barrier is gone.

Don’t cut them!

With our professional manicures, we will push back your cuticles, but we won’t cut them. It’s just not safe.

For dry, rough cuticles, which are an indication of dry hands, we will apply cuticle oil while filing your nails to soften them. Or, if your hands are very dry, we may encourage you to add a paraffin dip to your service.

Regular manicures and follow up home care are the best ways to keep your cuticles from becoming a problem.

To prevent hangnails and promote the health of your hands, get regular professional manicures. They will keep your hands and nails healthy, while making you feel more confident and prettier!

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