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Who doesn’t love a double dip of their favorite ice cream? But here’s one double dip you don’t want—waxing!

It’s extremely common for salons and spas to do what is commonly called “double dipping.” That means the disposable wooden spatula is dipped back into the wax pot AFTER it has been applied to your skin for hair removal.

It also means it has been double dipped on many other clients as well.

Even though it is a national standard regulation, double dipping is a BIG problem in the beauty industry, and here’s why. Wax is heated to a temperature just above 40 degrees or 4.44 Celsius. That isn’t hot enough to kill viruses or bacteria.

When a salon double dips, it increases your chance of exposure to all kinds of diseases. This is simply not a standard we tolerate!

At Oasis Health & Beauty Spa, we follow the national standard regulation against double dipping. (And even if it wasn’t regulation, it’s just gross!)

That’s why we also reinforce the regulation by intensively training our staff on this issue. You are in caring, capable hands with us. We value your health and ours.

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