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Applying Eye Cremes

The skin around the eyes is thin and too sensitive. Facial moisturizers and anti aging facial crèmes should not be used for that area.

This is why eye crèmes were created. These are formulated to work with the delicate eye area.

When it comes to wrinkles and crows feet, anti-aging eye cremes help to produce a lifting effect with your eyes by generating collagen and new skin cell growth to help heal the wrinkle.

In preventing wrinkles and crows feet, there is a proper way of putting on eye crèmes. It’s best to pat the product around the eye to avoid tugging or pulling at the skin.

Anti-aging eye cremes, just like anti-aging facial cremes, are most effective when applied before bedtime. This is when the skin goes through its renewal process. That means the anti-aging ingredients can work far more effectively than during busy daytime hours.

The key is to make sure the eye area has enough moisture as well as the anti-aging properties to effectively do its job. Make sure you are using professional eye creams that apply to your skin type. We can help you there. Not only are our ingredients are more pure, we can find the corresponding product that’s just right for you. That means faster and better results!

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Skin Care Excuse Hall Of Fame

Excuse #3: “It’s Too Late For Me To Do Anything About My Wrinkles!”

Excuse #3: “It’s Too Late For Me To
Do Anything About My Wrinkles!”

Excuse #3: “It’s Too Late For Me To Do Anything About My Wrinkles!”

Okay, this excuse has our knickers in a twist! Why?

Well, that’s easy. We live in a world with incredible advancements in absolutely everything from computers to skin care. That’s why our ability to rejuvenate skin that’s “too late” for any help is remarkable.

The products we offer, as well as our treatments, are living proof that you can look younger at any age!

Bottom line: It’s never too late to turn back the hands of time.

Even if you’ve spent a lifetime neglecting your skin, it’s very quick to respond to the right care. It’s a lot like watering a wilted flower. That certainly doesn’t mean you have to spend hours on your skin each day.

You do, however, need to spend a few minutes each day nurturing it with products that were made for your specific skin type. And if you want more advanced treatments to complement your skin care, we have them.

The last thing you want to do is give up! So, don’t. We can tailor a skincare regimen just for your busy lifestyle. It’s never too late to look and feel beautiful!

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How To Know If Your Skin Is Just Plain Exhausted!

How To Know If Your Skin Is Just Plain Exhausted!

How To Know If Your Skin Is Just Plain Exhausted!

Does your skin look like its tired? Here are a few sure signs:

– Skin colour is dull or ashy
– Make-up just sits on your face looking dry
– Or, make-up looks shiny because your skin is oily
– Blackheads are popping up

With our galvanic facials, we renew tired, worn out skin by infusing it with active ingredients that penetrate deeply—much deeper than applied by hand. That means faster, longer lasting results!

Rid your skin of the impurities that cause it to look exhausted. With galvanic facials, you can revitalize a dull, lifeless complexion quickly and enjoyably, all without harsh chemicals.

Beautifully done!

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